This site is intended to serve as a resource for librarians and library staff using 3D printers in all types of libraries. I’m hoping that this page can be a place to collect 3D printing resources, showcase 3D printing in libraries, and share images, links, and relevant documents.

About the Author

My name is Ann Leonard. I have over 8 years library experience. My first 7 years were spent in an academic setting at Arizona State University, where I started as a student worker for their university archives and special collections, and eventually moved up to the reference desk. I’ve spent over a year now as the Emerging Technologies Librarian for a rural library district in the Southwest.

One of my main projects was implementing 3D printing programming services for the district. As my background was in reference, I had no experience with MakerSpaces or 3D printing at all, and had to teach myself everything from scratch. I’m hoping that this site will be a place where I can share everything I’ve learned and all the presentations and handouts I’ve created, so that other librarians making this journey don’t have to re-invent the wheel.

You can view more information about my 3D printing programming efforts here.

You can view my resume here.


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