My goal is to one day create a national directory of libraries that have MakerSpaces or feature MakerSpace equipment such as 3D printers. For now however I’m going to start with some of the libraries I know about in Arizona, as well as some dedicated, privately owned MakerSpaces. This will probably never be a comprehensive list, but rather a work in progress. If you know of something I should add, please send it to

Read more about MakerSpace related events, fairs, and summits here.

Arizona Libraries with MakerSpaces and/or 3D Printing:

1. Apache Junction Public Library –
Contact: Anthony Fitzwater,

2. Arizona State Library
Contact: Chris Guerra,

3. Camp Verde Community Library
Contact: Kathy Hellman,

4. Chandler Public Library
Contact: Deborah Moreno,

5. Glendale Public Library’s STEM at the Library
Contact: Kristen Fletcher-Spear,

6. Maricopa County Library District – Pilot projects in various branches –
Contact: Tony Apodaca,
& Danette Barton,

7. Mesa Library’s Think Spot
Contact: Sarah Prosory,

8. Phoenix’s Hacker Haven
Contact: Terry Lawler,

9. Pima County Public Library District
Contact: Jennifer Nichols/Lisa Bunker,

10. Pinal County Library District
Contact: Ann Leonard,

Local MakerSpaces:

1. Gangplank – (Coworking Space) – Multiple locations

2. Heat Sync Labs – Mesa, AZ

3. IDEA Museum – Mesa, AZ

4. Maker House – Tucson, AZ

5. TechShop – Chandler, AZ

6. Xerocraft Hackerspace – Tucson, AZ



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